History and Future
While we spend 6 months out of the year teaching we also need to leave some time for ourselves to do projects, commission work and charitable donations.  Should you or someone else need assistance in one of these areas feel free to give us a call.

Charitable donations
Molbaks Poinsettia Festival
December of 2003
Sunrise Elementary School Auction
March of 2002
March of 2004

Medina Elementary School Auction
March of 2003
March of 2004
Wilder Elementary School Auction
February 2004
Fremont Garden Art Auction
(Fremont Public Association)

November of 2003

Judy Thomas's Garden Art party
June of 2003
Seattle Home and Garden
February of 2003
Mercer Island Garden Society
June of 2002
Maharam Art Sale (Pioneer Square, Seattle)
December of 2002
December of 2003

Bassetti's Crooked Arbor Gardens
June 0f 2004
Magnolia Garden Center
July through September 6th  of 2004
November of 2004

Commision works
Salon Porters A 1940's style tile work collage for the lobby.  Porters is located in downtown Redmond, Wa.
Dee Perry A series of plates with a grape design.
Fred & Cindy Swendson An original art series for the transoms above their entry doors.
HK Design at Home Original plates and platters for a retail  house wares website.
Darcy Kovaks Complete place settings for her dining table.
Dale Stern
Wall hanging for his fish collection.
Tile with apple tree scene behind stove.