Garden Art #3   


Class Description
This class is specifically designed for the gardener who has taken Garden Art 1 and is ready for a lot more.  Here you will learn how to create a 3 dimensional decorative birdhouse, much like a glass gingerbread house.  We will work with 6 seperate pieces, coordinating the design to flow from one to another on all sides of the house and the roof.   Design a garden at the side of your house or a period reproduction of your favorite cottage or something more abstract.    Be advised that this will not  accomodate birds as  the heat accumilation under glass could  cook the bird or eggs!   We will give you instruction on assembly of the birdhouse after firing, and some ideas for how to display them in the garden.


You will make a 6" square birdhouse that stands 9" tall at the peak of the roof.

Morning Session : 8am to 12pm
Don't forget drinks, snacks, and CD's
All other materials, tools, glass, and kiln firing are included.

No open toed shoes allowed and long pants are recommended